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Performing live at Kabana Rooftop in Richmond, VA

Wavepool is an electronic composer and DJ explicitly active within House music, particularly of the Tropical and Deep varieties of the genre. During his time living in Denver, CO, he founded the production company known as Denver Disco, which became highly regarded and celebrated within Denver's music scene, and still remains to be.

As a producer, his music is driven heavily by thumping kick drums and polished basslines, which serves as foundation for his carefully layered atmospheres of piano, marimba, and plucked strings, ultimately creating a truly unique blend of bright and sunny dance music. His non-traditional approach to DJ performances feature a unique combination of customized drum pads, sequencing, and keyboards. Wavepool continues to pace a seamless balance with his music, fit for both heated club nights in the city as well as simply relaxing with a cocktail by the pool.